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Which is more important for a vacation investment – price or value?  At NWA Getaways Dream Vacations, we solidly believe that VALUE is the most important factor.  That means advising you about hotels that put you near the action, local events that immerse you in the culture, sights in the area that you don’t want to miss.  Our training and connections help us design life-enriching travel experiences that maximize your investment.

Whether you’re planning a relaxing escape, a bucket list adventure or a family reunion, your experience will be completely hassle-free and tailored to your wants and needs. Members of the NWA Getaways Dream Team are Vacation Specialists, and we are here to handle every detail. The result is a custom travel experience designed personally for you.

Hiking to the top of a volcano to see the sunrise.  Waking up to a pod of orcas surrounding your ship.  Bicycling through Tuscany from vineyard to vineyard.  What’s on YOUR bucket list???  THAT’S the vacation we want to help you plan!  Because life’s too short to postpone your dreams!



For me there is nothing like the thrill of planning an amazing vacation down to the last little detail, and I’ve taken great joy in doing this for family and friends for many years. Now as a new member of the NWA Getaways Dream Vacations Team I am excited  to do the same for you. My specialty is in all things Disney, but I look forward to planning your getaway no matter your dream destination. Let’s turn your vacation dreams into magical memories you’ll never forget.